domingo, 30 de enero de 2011

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Not her best day

So today while taking a bath Frankie decided to try to shave with my wife's shaver.

Didn't turn out so well.

Blood everywhere and a lot of crying.

By the time i was able to get home from work she was fine and it ended up just being a small slice of skin above her lip.

Scary but there won't be a scar and she is totally fine.

Lessons learned though.

Frankie wants nothing to do with "that thing that cuts" and we learned that she is getting taller and can now reach things that she couldn't before.

Of course when I knew she was okay, and got a day off school to boot, I immediately went for the camera.

Is that wrong?


Claro que no!!
sos un capo Big daddy



Seguiría poniendo fotos de este maravilloso Papá

Pero quiero que ustedes descubran a su familia

Hermosa familia!

les dejo el linK

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